SEGTC - Our Treatment Philosophy

Southeast Georgia Treatment Center was established as a medical solution to a medical problem, recognizing that a holistic approach (caring for body, mind, and spirit) is an integral part of the healing process.

There are many concerns regarding methadone maintenance; however, SEGTC believes that we have a program for success.
While there is some correlation of drug tolerance and dependency to a person�s environment and genetic pool, it does not necessarily dictate that you cannot escape addiction. We're here to help you manage your health, build a support network, and start a new day in your life!

There are many reasons (in addition to the ones listed below) why people take drugs and/or develop addictions:
� Chemical imbalance � Depression or stress
� Lack of a support system
� Loneliness � Pain management
� Peer pressure � Poor self esteem
SEGTC will encourage each patient to develop coping skills and treatment strategies that will hopefully result in a successfully managed treatment and transition to an addiction-free lifestyle. There is no set length of treatment time because, as with any other medical condition, many factors must be considered.

Some of those factors are: � Acceptance by others � Body chemical levels � Coping mechanisms � Expectations � Fears � Motivation factors � Peer pressure � Physical health � Psychological health � Support network

A serious commitment is required for complete independence from opioids. While some patients are able to �graduate� from a methadone treatment program, for others it is a lifelong need, and necessary for reaching and maintaining a gratifying and quality lifestyle. Regardless of whether a patient chooses complete detoxification or an on-going maintenance program, SGTC will work with each patient to successfully achieve the chosen goal.