Southeast Georgia Treatment Center

All medications must be taken in the presence of your assigned registered nurse, a pharmacist, or physician. Following your dose, please do not wait or socialize in the building, hallway or parking lot. This is a serious business, and we expect the same level of courtesy and professionalism from you that you do from us. Patients enrolled in a treatment plan will be given a dose of methadone (in compliance with state and federal regulations and medically sound) and asked to remain in the center for a minimum of thirty minutes.

During your stabilization period in Phase l, you should discuss any side effects from your treatment in detail with our staff, especially shortness of breath. For the first seven to ten days the SGTC staff will monitor you closely to calibrate your dose to the appropriate level. (This means at a level you feel physically and mentally comfortable and the symptoms of opiate withdrawal have stopped.)

Your assigned Registered Nurse (RN) and/or your counselor will monitor your progress and be available for counseling sessions. As stated in Chapter One, you must meet with your counselor at least once a week or according to the schedule you have been assigned.

After you have progressed to Phase 2 of the program, your counseling schedule may be changed to meeting at least once per month, at the discretion of your counselor. This policy applies to both new and transfer patients.

If an emergency arises outside the center�s hours, patients should call 9-1-1 if life-threatening, or the designated on-call center staff member.
(Missing your scheduled clinic day on Saturday is NOT considered an emergency situation.)